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Sometimes parents see that the child is coming home upset or frustrated, sometimes a child refuses to go to school in the morning because of bullies or the classroom environment, and sometimes parents realize that their student is not making the progress they should.

It can be scary and confusing when you think that your child’s school is not doing what they should to protect them or to help them succeed.

Because I understand the school’s obligations to each student, I can usually identify the issue and think of a strategy to start moving in a positive direction, by standing up to an ongoing problem, investigating further, or figuring out how to force the school or district to do their job.

I love talking to parents about their children’s rights. While I cannot promise to take every case, I can offer some time to talk about the situation, explain the law, and to consider what can be done and what steps to take.

Please use the form on the contact us page to provide a brief description of your child’s situation and your contact information so that we can schedule a call to speak. I look forward to speaking with you and sincerely hope that we can work together to protect your child.