Absenteeism/Educational Neglect

Trevor Eisenman, PC represents parents charged with educational neglect in family court. There are various reasons that a student has chronic school attendance problems and in possibly every situation there are other significant issues that underlie the attendance issues. Inappropriate school placement, unaddressed disabilities, bullying, and improperly addressed behavioral issues frequently explain the absences, Trevor has worked with families in all of these situations to defend the case in family court while also addressing the underlying educational issues.

New York Education Law requires minors from ages 6-16 (or 17 depending on the district) that are not employed to attend school and the New York Family Court Act requires parents (or persons in a parental relationship) to ensure the prompt and regular attendance of the child in school and/or not hold a student out of school without a permissible reason, resulting in an adverse affect on the child’s educational progress.

Trevor Eisenman, PC also represents families accused of child abuse or neglect in family court when the allegations relate to the child’s disabilities. Trevor’s familiarity with family law practice, and understanding of how those cases are impacted when the family is caring for the needs of a child with disabilities.